Woutje Westenbrink-Waninge, owner and director of the company has broad hands-on experience in developing and implementing National and International Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) Policies from pre-natal till 8 years. Woutje started her career as a registered nurse and finalized her Master degree (MSc) in Education and Child Development. She did her post doctoral degree in training and coaching of teacher- trainers with a special focus on family and centre based school readiness programmes for disadvantage children. Woutje, while working for UNICEF initiated the child-to-child programme a new initiative to Ethiopia which is a low-cost school readiness program for 4 to 6 years old children through their older brother and sisters.

West Brinck Company was established in 1997 in the Netherlands, West Brinck combines in depth knowledge on all aspects of child development, with a broad knowledge of integrated child development (maternity care, preventive health care, nutrition and school readiness) for young children.
West Brinck has built on a unique experience in developing low cost effective ECCE programmes in Ethiopia. Similarly, it has provided a technical assistance for the Ministry of Education of Turkey in developing and promoting educational concepts for nationwide pre-school education by designing an innovative mix of effective programmes.

West Brinck has an excellent reputation in providing and presenting information on theoretical background and evidence on the importance of ECCE for children and their families and for the nation at large. This enables West Brinck to bring different involved Ministries together and coach them to act in concert. When it comes to implementation West Brinck is able to assist in setting up implementation frameworks and stimulate cooperation between the different actors to provide training of trainer programmes and coaching in the development of training, extension and educational materials. Generally, West Brinck has a profound and rich experience of 20 years in all aspects of ECCE.