The Netherlands, Tanzania and Uganda 2012 - 2013

Policy development for parental education and school readiness.
Training of professionals in different aspects in relation to Early Childhood Care and Education.
Development of project proposals for Child to Child School readiness in Uganda and Tanzania.
Project implementation support for Child to Child School readiness in Uganda and Tanzania.

Ethiopia (East Africa) 2006 -2012

During the 6 years period, West Brinck was fully involved in UNICEF Ethiopia. The focus was on guiding and supporting an inter-Ministerial taskforce in developing a comprehensive and integrated ECCE policy. This included a plan of implementation and guidelines including Memorandum Of Understanding and political approval.
A fast track low-cost Child-to-Child School Readiness Program. Involving 8 regions, More than 200.000 professionals and almost 1 million children are still beneficiaries.
Development and adaptation of the Child- to-Child play and teaching materials, including story books.
Support is given to education specialists, responsible for development and implementation at regional level of the different implementation pillars and the Child-to Child School Readiness programme in 8 regions in Ethiopia.
Leading the process of developing concepts, training materials and trainings for awareness raising, parental education, development of parental education manuals and implementation.
Development of Early Stimulation component within the UNICEF Community Based Nutrition Programme.
Development of new materials on personal hygiene for small children and nutritious food.
ECCE in emergency areas developed, implemented and training for trainers conducted.
Development of an Education Intervention Strategy in Ethiopia for SNV-Ethiopia (Ethiopia 2007).
Development of project proposal and practical advice for educational programmes of the Ethiopian Kale Heywood Church (Ethiopia 2007).
Development and implementation of a client oriented training for all staff of The Royal Dutch KLM Airlines (2007).

10 Other countries (1991-2006)

Guiding policy makers and practitioners on the development and implementation of education and preventive health care, early childhood care and education and parental involvement (Turkey 2004 2008, Russia 1997, Egypt 1998 and Macedonia, Tanzania, Botswana, Zambia).
Training of professionals on the setting up and running of low cost pre-schools including training in child centred learning (Sri-Lanka 2002).
Developing a policy and an organisational set up for a support centres for Family and Youth for different municipalities in the Netherlands (1991 2006).
Coaching and supporting policy officers of municipalities in the Netherlands developing and implementing policies and programmes on school readiness and cognitive and social skills of young children, with special focus on children of disadvantages families(1991 2006).
Regional coordination of the implementation of a family based programme for school readiness of children of immigrant families.
Development and conducting training programmes for community nurses on professional skills, client centred learning and coaching.
Policy and programme development and implementation on preventive health care, nutrition and parenting in Tanzania, Zambia, Botswana and Sri Lanka.
Development and establishment of an expertise centre on ECCE in Yemen.